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Student Affairs is critically engaged in all aspects of students’ lives and provides programs and services that support the optimal growth of Tunghai students, enhance their social, physical, psychological and cognitive development, and complement students’ academic excellence by providing opportunities for students to experience education and explore interests beyond the classroom.


what we do?

The Student Affairs Office oversees the welfare of the students. It includes five divisions, Student Assistance Division, Student Activity Division, Health Center, Student Counseling Center, and Student Housing Service Division.

Dean’s office

It’s responsible for the quality of students’ life on campus and students’ right. Including the Student Appeals Committee, the Committee of Gender Equity Education, and student programs like servant leadership program and Alpha-leader training program.

Student Counseling Division

Promotes and maintains students’ and faculty’s mental health. There are school counselors, clinical psychologist, social workers, and psychiatrists providing professional and sincere service.

Student Housing Service Division

Promote an independent and engaging experience that allows students to positively adjust and flourish through their collegiate journey. Housing Services has about 5500 students living on campus.

Student Assistance Division

Provides financial assistance such as scholarships, family emergency cases, student insurance compensation, and also maintain the campus’ safety.

Student Activity Division

Students are encouraged to join student clubs and get more experience out of classes. The division funds student clubs and provides training courses and seminars to the club cadre members.

Health Center

Provides wound treatment and health consulting, and health orientated activities to maintain physical and mentor health of academic students and faculty.


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